Welcome to Blackrose Press!

There is much energy in speculative fiction in the African-American, Asian, and Latino communities these days. Historically, authors of color were unable to publish their works commercially because of lack of access to the publishing industry. But that is changing. There is a movement afoot—people of color have started their own presses, pushing books by authors of color into the mainstream. Our founder, Roxanne Bland, an African-American and an author in her own right, aims to be a part of that movement, to help her fellow authors of color not only to get their books published, but to help them get the recognition they deserve.


Born in 2012, Blackrose Press originally published science fiction and fantasy but has since included horror and weird/bizzaro in its repertoire. We publish the written word as well as graphic novels. At present, we only publish in the English language, though we hope to change that as we grow and prosper.


We are open for submissions twice a year at six-month intervals, during the month of January and the month of July. Our first open submissions will take place in January 2018. You do not need an agent to submit, but we do have strict submission rules that must be followed or your work will not be reviewed. Visit our submissions page here for details.


We hope to see you on our pages often, and always remember:

Read In Color!

Blackrose Press is a publisher of e-book and POD speculative fiction written by people of color.